Ilya Bystrov

.NET Developer

About me


I'm .NET developer with 7+ years experience in software development. I have strong experience with services and web applications development, technical architecture and database design.

  • Main skills: C#, ASP.NET, Entity Framework, MSSQL, WCF
  • Secondary skills: Groovy, JavaScript, Angular, HTML/CSS
  • Tools and services: Visual Studio, IDEA, AWS, Jenkins, Git, Jira

Personal information

Birth Date
04 June 1990
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
English, Russian

Work preferences

Full time
Remote or office

Work experience

.NET Senior Software Engineer

Grid Dynamics at Merkle Inc.

Project: Data Lake based on AWS. Several ingestion services and web-application to manage data ingestion.


  • Implementing new features and supporting S3 Ingestion service
  • Implementing new features and supporting main ASP.NET web app
  • Maintaining deployment process of ingestion services
  • Writing integration tests and documentation


  • Designed and implemented completely new unified deploy process for all services (via Jenkins)
  • Completely reimplemented S3 Ingestion service from scratch with great performance improvements

Technologies: C#, MySQL, AngularJS, Git, VS2017, AWS S3/IAM/EC2, Jenkins, Jira, Confluence and BitBucket.

.NET Software Engineer

Grid Dynamics at Raymond James Financial

Project: Financial Advisor platform. Gives advisers instant access to advanced client analytics and enabling clients to create accounts, set goals and obtain investment recommendations.


  • Develop and maintain backend of ASP.NET web app
  • Writing unit and integration tests


  • Successful project release in short time
  • Successful work in foreign language within decentralized team

Technologies: C#, WCF, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET WebAPI, Postman, SoapUI, Angular (UI), MSSQL, TFS, VS2017, VS Code, ReSharper, Jenkins & Teamcity.

.NET Software Engineer

Nexign Systems

Business process automation, data migration and synchronization...

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Blog posts

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Pet projects

Shmapper is a lightweight mapper for Sharepoint lists for CSOM. Maps ListItem fields to strongly typed entities and provides handy interface (LINQ-style) to work with them. Distributed as NuGet package. Read more...

#SpbPhotoJournal Automated group in social network (VK)

Photo portraits gallery from best photographers from Saint-Petersburg. Backend service search photo sets at photographer profiles across whole social network and prepares photo-posts with predefined template. Uses VK API. Open...