Ilya Bystrov

.NET Developer

About me


I'm .NET developer with 8+ years experience in software development. I have strong experience with services and web applications development, technical architecture and database design.

  • Main skills: C#, ASP.NET Core, MySQL, RabbitMQ, Azure and AWS
  • Secondary skills: Groovy, JavaScript, Angular, HTML/CSS
  • Tools and services: Visual Studio, Rider, K8s, Jenkins, Git

Personal information

Birth Date
04 June 1990
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
English, Russian

Work preferences

Full time
Remote or office

Work experience

.NET Senior Developer

Dodo Brands

Product: Digital experience in pizzeria franchise restaurants.


  • New features development
  • Writing unit and integrational tests
  • Code reviews, mentoring and team assistance
  • Work with business requirements
  • Production releases
  • Duty shifts for critical services
  • Team dev stand maintenance


  • Introduced mobile API version deprecation process
  • Added auth for API methods in Swagger UI and wrote documentation for all API methods

Technologies: C#, ASP.NET Core, .NET 5 and 6, MS Azure, CosmosDB, K8s, MySQL, RabbitMQ, GitHub, GitHub Actions, Grafana, Kibana, Rider, DataGrip, Kaiten and Notion

.NET Team Lead / Senior Developer

Grid Dynamics at Merkle Inc.

Project: Data Lake based on AWS. Web application to configure data ingestion and several ingestion services.


  • New features development
  • Requirements feasibility investigations
  • Creating new tasks for developers
  • High-level project design and features design
  • Branches management and production deployments
  • Code reviews, mentoring and developers assistance
  • Quality assurance for new features
  • Writing documentation
  • Legacy code refactoring and redesign
  • Local team meetings


  • Completely re-implemented S3 Ingestion service from scratch with great performance and code quality improvements (reduced number of code lines 4 times)
  • Implemented new unified deploy process for all ingestion services (via Jenkins)
  • Implemented hybrid client-side (PGP) and server-side (S3 KMS) file encryption
  • Successfully completed migration from Liquibase to Flyway

Technologies: C#, ASP.NET, MySQL, AngularJS, SnowFlake, AWS S3/IAM/EC2/RDS/SNS/etc, Jenkins, VS2019, Jira, Confluence and BitBucket

.NET Software Developer

Grid Dynamics at Raymond James Financial

Project: Financial Advisor platform...

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Blog posts

I have created .NET client library for Snowflake REST API and it can be used as an alternative to the official ADO.NET connector. Read more...

Performance comparison of common collections (List, Array and Dictionary) in .NET Core 3.1 and .NET Framework 4.8. Read more...

Blog post about Jira automation using ScriptRunner plugin and groovy scripts. Contains quick start guide, environment preparation and code samples with best practices to write automation scripts. Read more...

Pet projects

Snowlfke.Client C# Library

Unofficial .NET client for Snowflake REST API. Execute SQL queries in Snowflake and get mapped response back. Distributed as NuGet package. Open...

Shmapper is a lightweight mapper for Sharepoint lists for CSOM. Maps ListItem fields to strongly typed entities and provides handy interface (LINQ-style) to work with them. Distributed as NuGet package. Open...

#SpbPhotoJournal Automated group in social network (VK)

Photo portraits gallery from best photographers from Saint-Petersburg. Backend service search photo sets at photographer profiles across whole social network and prepares photo-posts with predefined template. Uses VK API. Open...